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Why an online calendar is better than a traditional paper log

Time saving
Using online scheduling you no longer have to be distracted by paper logging. Searching though the digital log will save you from wasting time.
Automated reminders
Sending SMS and email reminders to visitors automatically
Trendy, modern
The use of Internet technologies in our time is a market requirement, otherwise you will lose to your competitors.

Visitor database
A complete customer list is always at hand. Client cards, notes. History of visits.
Visually clear UI
Easy appointment form, reporting, mobile version, easy settings.
Income, loyalty growth
With the help of electronic scheduling you take care of your customers. Attract new ones and keep old ones.

Why visitors love the online calendar
Self-scheduling. An easy form of picking timing, services, the ability to leave a comment on an appointment entry.
24 / 7
You can schedule, reschedule, or delete your entry at any time of the day or night.
Clealy visible free time periods that are open for appointments. Works from a mobile phone. No calls.
Keeping history of visits. The service has been working since 2011 without stopping

TimePlan.me - the easiest system
maintaining a customer database and a reception schedule!

Update from a paper log to a digital one!

If you host a reception, it’s always a long queue, don't even mention.
To become a customer's friend, internet services are a trend.
Will make an appointment for you. Year-round, always avaliable queue
Has a complete e-schedule and has a simple name - timeplan.me, ready 24/7 for you an me
And reports and analitics and all appointments specifics.

If you're just a client - this tool will be very reliant
You can do all via a site, just pick a time that will be alright.

Use methods
Complete replacement of a paper type of a visit log
Using all the features of the system. The administrator notes all the entries on the site (from a tablet, phone, computer), at the same time, an online entry is open - electronic registry. The site is always up to date. By transferring your customers to o
I need SMS reminders.
Reduces the frequency of people being late or skipping, increases attendance. In this scenario, an administrator transfers data from the paper log to the site, for example, once a day. Customers receive reminders. A complete customer database is automatic
Simply collecting appointments, online scheduling
Two options.
1) Open certain hours only for online scheduling (avoid overlapping with offline scheduling). For example, from 15:00 to 18:00 - online scheduling only.
2) Taking new entries at any time. The administrator will receive an SMS notifying that a new entry was created, they will check with the visit log. If time is avaliable - note in the journal, if busy - call the customer back and offer a different time.
Business control, maintaining security
You can oblige the administrator to record all visits on our site, and not in a paper log, and disable SMS reminders. A paper log can be lost, something can be erased, something not noted or skipped. All administrator actions on the internet service are l
Automation of any service type, rental, meeting planning

An electronic schedule will make your life much easier. Go with the times, online booking is an analogue of a paper log of customer records. There are several methods of use. Clients will be able to independently sign up online, or through contacting your administrator. You get an easy customer database maintenance service , history of visits, online recording, reporting.

  • Suitable for any type of service, rental
  • Saving on hiring administrators
  • SMS and email notifications for you and your customers
  • Авторизация через MobileId, WhatsApp, Telegram, Sms
  • Free SMS reminders via our Android app
  • Customer database with client cards and visit history
  • Schedule on your own or through self-scheduling
  • 24/7 real-time scheduling
  • Integration entry form for a site, wordpress plugin, api
  • Several parallel queues within the same company
  • The list of services with the option to display prices, highlight with color, request additional information when adding an entry. Changing the cost and the duration of a service depending on the selected parameters
  • Easy work at the dashboard from your mobile phone
  • Flexible schedule management
  • Storing and viewing the entire work history
  • Powerful reporting system with graphs, export to pdf, excel
  • Simple link to the schedule for publishing on social media, mailing to clients: https://timeplan.me/YOURNAME
  • Tech support will fulfill your every wish
  • Plugins for popular site builders (in development)
  • Group entry (in perspective)

TimePlan.me will help you to quickly and easily sign up for the best time. No confirmation calls, the service works in real time. The company’s page contains full information about t

  • Quick search a company, specialist, service
  • A visually clear search tool to find the right time
  • No waiting, fast scheduling
  • Create an entry at any time
  • Simple entry form
  • SMS and email reminders for the upcoming appointment
  • The ability to cancel or reschedule visits on your own in your account dashboard, disable reminder notifications
  • Storing and viewing your appointment history
  • The entry page contains contact details of the company (address, phone, location on the map) and the current list of services with prices
  • Mobile entry form

Automatic SMS and Email Notifications

New self-schedule entry from the site, 'lesson 60 min', Apr 9 15:00. Harry,

- for an administrator
for a visitor -

Reminder. You have an appointment at
May 20 15:00 to 'Psychologist Emma Smith'

Video review

How to start

Preparation stage. Look at the information on the site, try the Demo mode, watch the video, decide which scenario is more interesting to you.

Registration - 5 steps, 15 minutes.
All entered data can be changed after registration in your account dashboard in the "settings" section. Video guides and tooltips will help you understand all the settings.

Mark visits,
tell customers

That's it, now you have a personal account on the Internet. Only left to bring some life into it. Add upcoming entries through the administrator’s office, note the busy hours. Send the link to your customers, publish it on your website and in social media


Manage the queue on the site, and in a week you will understand how convenient it is. A customer base and reports will be formed automatically. The server sustains the queue, customers do not forget about visits, you are less l

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