SmsTransmitter - sending SMS automatically via an android phone.

Buy an SMS subscription from your mobile network operator and send out SMS reminders via your Android phone for free!

The application can be downloaded and installed from our website: Download SmsTransmitter or build one yourself from source.
In March 2019, after a change in Google's policy, the application was removed from Google Play (was avaliable at:, like all applications that can send SMS in the background.

How it works

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SMS Transmitter app grabs text from the schedule for SMS messages and sends it via your phone’s SIM card

To start sending SMS reminders via the SIM card of your phone you will need to:
  • Install the application on your phone (or tablet with a SIM card) running Android.
  • When you open the program, allow sending SMS messages and to work in the background
  • In the settings, enter the secret key from your dashboard, section [Settings] -> [Notifications]
  • Click the "Start" button. At the same time, text for SMS reminders will be received from, and sent via phone. The messages and their status will be displayed on the main screen. The history of the process is located on the "History" tab.
  • Open the application periodically to make sure that it keeps sending SMS reminders, or start the sending process manually.

Depending on the phone manufacturer and the Android version, you may need to make additional settings in the energy saving settings of your phone for the app to work automatically.

The reason is that in order to save battery life, the operating system of the phone may close all active applications, even those that are in sleep mode. This is a deviation from the standard, but this trick does allow to increase the duration of work.

For example, for Huawei phones in [Settings] -> [Advanced settings] -> [Battery] you need to add the "SMS Transmitter" app to the list of protected apps. Other manufacturers have similar parameters - Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, etc.

Also, such settings are - "Constant data transfer on the mobile network", "Support WiFi connection in sleep mode." When restoring the connection, the application can restore the process automatically. If the phone is charging, SMS Transmitter works more reliably.

An open source application, which is a guarantee of security and transparency of work. You can also implement your personal server and use the app to send out your SMS messages, or to grab SMS messages from the server of the e-queue website and send them in your own way (applicable if you have your personal SMS gateway with your registered sender name).
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