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Pavel Samoilenko
There is no higher purpose than to serve people.

Creator, owner and developer

I have been working on the project alone, for many years, to the best of my ability. Everything works automatically and does not require any time for support, this is my main principle of software development. Working custo

The project was born out of friendship with a popular hairdresser. I was scheduled for his service, two weeks in advance. When doing the haircut, he was constantly distracted. As a result, he was paying to an elderly who a
  I got interested in automating his queue. I was passionate about the idea, and I even hooked up a call center with the number 8-800, whose specialists accepted clients at any time of the day or night. In 2011, the Internet was not yet so developed.

The first test entries were created in September 2011. There was no design, no automated registration, no settings. My soul was on fire - after all, the service can be useful to others, and this can become my great business

After some time there was an interest, no longer there was a need to explain to people what it was, competitors appeared, and a new problem appeared - the creation of projects was not automatic (it was necessary to send a completed application form), the

About myself. I have been developing software since 2004.

  • For 7 years I've worked at Beeline in Khabarovsk, the largest project - a heavily loaded system for changing the parameters of SIM cards using special SMS messages and transferring to a new billing system, more than 1 000 000 subscribers have been pr

I write all this to the fact that I have been working in this field and with these technologies for a long time, with similar functionality. I know how to work with a heavy load, how to ensure the reliability and security o

First and foremost I'm a programmer, so I pay more attention to technical detail and ease of use of the system than presentation and promotion. I don’t really like to cut and arrange pictures, shoot videos, but without this

I am constantly building up functionality, but this does not happen as fast as I would like. At the same time, I try to add exactly the functionality that most people need, without complicating the system unnecessarily. My

If you wish to participate, help the project, or you have suggestions, please write or call. I am always open to conversation.

If the project will help people and gain popularity, I will be happy, even if I do not make money from it.

Email: pavel@napriem.com
Phone: +1 575 308 08 08